Special Enhancements

Party Heroes
Heroes are available in American, Italian or 1/2 and 1/2.
They include 1lb. of salad per foot along with
Pickle tray, mayonnaise and mustard.

Heroes $15.00 per foot
(Grilled Chicken, Grilled Vegetable, etc., are available at additional cost)

Coffee Setup
Coffee, Decaf, Tea, Sugar, Sweet & Low,
Regular and Decaf Tea Bags, Milk, Stirrers and Cups.

       $1.00 Per Person


Assorted Butter Cookies

$16.00 per lb

Assorted Miniature Pastries (Approximatley 16 per lb.)

$16.00 per lb

1/2 Sheetcake (Choice of Filling)


3/4 Sheetcake (Choice of Filling)


Full Sheetcake (Choice of Filling)


Crudite Platters
Fresh Cut Vegetables beautifully arranged with our Homemade Dip
$2.50 Per Person

Domestic and Imported Cheeseboard
A variety of tasty Cheeses along with Sliced Pepperoni and Crackers
$3.00 Per Person

Fresh Fruit Platters
The finest variety of Fresh Fruits in Season
$3.00 Per Person

Waiters, Bartenders, and Chefs available - Call for Further Information


Next function, please contact Brian Sanders for a free consultation 516-249-9430 or mobile 516-815-1884